52 Tunnel Hike

July 27 All day

52 Tunnel Hike: a journey through history and natures grandeur.

The 52 Tunnel Hike, also known as the Strada delle 52 Gallerie (Road of 52 Galleries), is a historic and scenic mountain trail located in the Pasubio massif in northern Italy. This unique trail was constructed during World War I by the Italian Army to facilitate the movement of troops and supplies in the challenging terrain of the Dolomites.

Requirements: Be able to hike for 6hrs with an elevation of 2500ft in expose path, and 8mile distance.

$75 | R4R: $25

Age 10+

Includes round trip transportation and guide.

Wear hiking boots, (no combat boots or sneakers). Bring water, snacks, hat, solar screen rain jacket, front lamp (tunnels are dark).