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The Mission of the Aviano base Library is to provide access to information essential to the Air Force Mission, support professional, military and voluntary education programs, and offer the facilities, resources and services to enhance the quality of life for our patrons.

The Aviano Base Library is located on Area 1 Building 149. We offer books, DVDs, CDs, and access to our online research databases and electronic resources through USAFELIBRARIES.ORG. Our programs and resources are provided to meet the base community’s educational, professional and MWR needs.

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Network: 31FSS_Wireless
Password: 31fssrocks


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Network: Library Wi-Fi
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Hours of Operation

Mon - Wed 10 am - 5 pm
Thu 10 am - 7 pm
Fri & Sat 10 am - 5 pm

What We Offer

  • Reference & Research Assistance
  • Free WiFi
  • Dedicated Military Network Computers
  • Color & B/W Copier & Printer Service
  • Commercial Public Access Computers w/ CAC Enabled Computers
  • STEM Discovery Bags: Anatomy, Astronomy/ telescope, Biology, Chemistry, Entomology (Bug Catching), Geology, Metal Detector, & Microscope
  • Board Games & Puzzles Available for Checkout
  • DVD Players & DVDs Available for Checkout
  • CLEP/DANTES Test Prep Collection
  • Mango Languages, Language Learning Program
  • Bookclub in a Box Kit
  • Young Adult Collection
  • Homeschool Collection
  • 3D Printing
  • Video games/video game consoles
  • Sewing machine, and knitting/crochet kits

Discovery Kits at the library!

Wyverns, have you heard about these awesome Discovery Kits available at the Aviano Library?!

Choose from 8 different Kits that are bookbags filled with books, tools, and activities to do STEM learning just like a school classroom!

Be sure to stop by the library to rent out one for FREE! 🤩📕

Check out what we have to offer for you!

Anime DVD collection at the Library!

Check out the Aviano Base Library's NEW Anime DVD collection! 📀

Located on the second floor featuring some of the most popular Anime today, including Naruto, One Piece, Pokemon, and all of the Studio Ghibli films! 🥳

🚗 Stop by the library to check out their selection!

Check out Card and Board Games!

Aviano Base Library has all new board and card games for all the families in TLF, dorm dwellers, kids stuck inside during the cold and rainy months, couples looking for a night in, and just about anyone looking for fun!

Come check out our awesome board and card games today and take one or two home to enjoy!

For preschool and up:
Monkey Around

For school age and up:
Harry Potter Clue
Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit
Kitty Space Escape

For teens and adults:
7 Wonders
Great Western Trail
Tiny Epic Defenders
Tiny Epic Quest
Tiny Epic Zombies
Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies... and many more!

Video Games on the Big Screen!

Teens 14 and up can play video games after school on our two large screen tvs! Stop by and join us.

Upcoming Events

Get your headphones and bookmarks ready to start reading on June 3rd! Children, teens and adults will use one reading log to use throughout the six week program. Track your reading or listening hours and with Beanstack reading log! All Beanstack reading logs must be completed by July 26th, 2024. A grand prize will be awarded for each age group and one for the overall winner with most minutes read or listened. Register at:

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