Spring into Spring

April 27nd, 2024


DSN: 632-5080
COMM: 0434-30-5080

Event Info

It's time to unthaw and welcome in the season of warmth, sunshine & growth! Put a spring in your step and hop on down to this year's magical Spring into Spring event!

The main event is FREE to attend for those with base access! Spring into Spring 2024 will be full of activities, including a Octopus attraction, Craft Market, Yarn Art Contest, Flower Giveaway, Food Booths, Drinks, and MORE!

It is open to all with base-access, including ITAF and Local Nationals! Local national DBIDS passes have been extended to include Saturday, April 27nd. This is not an IAR but includes access for the

  • DBIDS holder
  • Person identified on the back of DBIDS ID
  • Children of the DBIDS holder (under 18 years--must be their own children)

Sign up is not required to attend the event, all LNs attending will need to fill out the "Declaration of Liability for Minors" to bring to Gate 9 on event day along with IDs for each person, including children. Without IDs and the completed Declaration form, personnel will be rejected from accessing the base and directed to turn around.

Enjoy the Season, Wyverns!

Check out all these exciting activities happening as part of this year's Spring into Spring event!

Spring into Spring Main Event

This year's Spring into Spring will be filled to the brim with attractions, activities, contests & entertainment.

Mark your calendars for this fun event that will include a Octopus attraction, Drinks from LBV, Flower Giveaway, Face Painting, Gelato, Private Org Food Booths, and more!

If you're feeling creative, don't forget to stop by Arts & Crafts by April 19th to register for the Base-Wide Yarn Art Tree Decorating Contest! All submissions will be displayed during Spring into Spring, and winners for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be announced!

Looking to Volunteer during Spring into Spring?

Check out the various volunteer opportunities for Spring into Spring and sign up for a spot below!

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