Youth Instructionals

Hours of Operation

Hours vary based on instructionals. Registration is open during normal AYP hours.

Instructional Youth Programs

Our instructional program is a great way for children to pursue interests outside of the Youth Program. Members and Non-Members are welcome to enroll. Our Instructional Program includes Ballet, Tumbling, and Karate.

Parents must present an up-to-date immunizations print out with the most recent FLU SHOT when enrolling in any of the AYP instructional classes

What We Offer


Karate provides a complete system of personal self-defense for people young and old. From traditional blocks, kicks, and strikes to submission holds and grappling. Recognizing the wide range of today’s threats to personal safety, Karate offers the total self-defense solution to our personal protection needs. Classes are offered from ages 7 to adult.

Karate ScheduleSummer Karate Classes with Master Macon are open for registration!Cost: $62.50 per monthAges: 7-18 years oldClasses are two days each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Youth Center on Area 1.Class times start at 1:00pm/ Starting June 9th, 2022.Register Today on CYPBMS!
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Ballet & Jazz

Each ballet class teaches skills and techniques relevant to the participant’s age. Dancers learn how to follow instructions, learn correct placement and technique while developing strength, grace and flexibility. Classes are offered from ages 4 to adult. Recitals happen twice a year, in the spring and the winter.

Classes for the Fall Season will begin Tuesday, September 7, 2021 for youth ages 4-18 AND for Adults beginning Friday, September 10, 2021.

Cost: $50 a month for each class and youth

Ballet ScheduleFall Season Schedule - Recital Tentative December 18

Monday and Wednesday:
Ballet for Adults: 0900-1000 (Age 19+)
Creative Kinder Ballet: 1400-1445 (age 4-6)
Beginner Ballet: 1500-1545 (Age 7-8)
Intermediate Ballet: 1600-1645 (Age 8-9)
Advanced Ballet: 1700-1800 (Ages 9-18)
Tuesday and Thursday:
Kinder Jazz: 1400-1445 (Ages 4-6)
Kinder Jazz 1400-1445 (Age 4-6)
Jazz Level 1 1500-1545 (Age 7-9)
Jazz Level 2 1600-1645 (Age 9-18)
Asilo Ballet/Jazz 1700-1745 (Age 4-6)
Afternoon Adult Ballet 1600-1700 (Ages 19+)
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Instructional Family Agreement 2021-2022Sign-up Here!


Tumbling program offers introduction to gymnastics to advanced classes for those that have tumbling experience. These classes focus on techniques and stretching. Beginner and Intermediate Level 1 and Level 2 classes are being offered.

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