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Aviano Youth Programs offers many opportunities for DoD dependent children, youth and teens up to age 18. There are 4 separate pillars under the Youth Programs heading- School Age Care, Preteen Programs, Teen Programs and Youth Sports & Fitness.

School Age Care (SAC)School Age Care (SAC) is designed for youth ages 5-12 years old. SAC provides care before school, after school and often when school is not in session. School Age Care is designed to meet the child care need for these ages in support of the Aviano mission. Parents are advised to use this program if they need consistent and reliable child care.

Youth and teensYouth and teens ages 9-18 also qualify for exciting recreation and developmental programs. These include camps, clubs, classes, trips, special events and lock-ins. Additionally, they are eligible for a membership in the ‘Open Recreation’ (ages 9-13) or ‘Teen Center’ (ages 13-18) programs. These two programs are open after school during the school year and in the afternoon on non-school days. These programs may occasionally be closed when the School Age Program is open. Call the youth center today for more information about these programs!

Youth Sports and FitnessYouth Sports and Fitness offers leagues, workshops and special events for children, youth and teens. Leagues include basketball, baseball, softball, archery, track, soccer, flag football and cheer. These programs are designed to develop fundamentals, build strong self-esteem and practice solid sportsmanship which all lead to healthy age appropriate competition.

Instructional ClassesInstructional Classes are also offered for a wide range of ages and skills. Karate, dance and tumbling classes may be offered each semester. These classes are taught by experienced professionals who are contracted with Aviano Youth Programs to provide instruction.

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