Outside Continental United States


PCS to a base Outside the Continental United States

This table will breakdown only the steps needed for an assignment outside the continental United States.

180 Days

EFMP-M and Veterinary


The EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) is used to assess, document, and code the special education and medical needs of family members.

For ALL members PCSing: EFMP-M is transitioning from afspecialneeds to MyVector for all out processing actions.

If you don't have any dependents, send us an email stating you are PCSing and don't have dependents. You don't need to complete the screener.

Once you complete your Initial Assignment Briefing, you will receive a notification to create an account in MyVector. The system will automatically send you a link on your MyVector dashboard for your Travel Screening Questionnaire (TSQ) when you are within 8 months of your RNLTD. Members with dependents will complete a Travel Screener via MyVector; if further screening is required you will be directed to do so in the system. If no further screening is required, email us once you complete the travel screener. Email us If you do not receive the travel screener in MyVector.

Org box: usaf.aviano.31-mdg.mbx.aviano-efmpm@mail.mil
Walk in hours: 0900-1200 & 1400-1600

Flight Medicine

Submit a new medical clearance for overseas PCS by logging into MYIMR then clicking on the medical clearance tab and completing all the prompts to generate a new request.

Email your assignment RIP (please remove all PII to include SSN) UNENCRYPTED to usaf.aviano.31-mdg.mbx.amds-flight-medicine-medical-standards@health.mil


Veterinary Clinic

Pets are part of the family and require proper documentation just like everyone else.

If you are PCSing with your pet to a country other than the US, you may need additional documentation up to 180 days prior to departure.

If you are transferring your pet to another person, you must go to the Vet Clinic with the new owner. The new owner must also register the pet with the clinic before you can be cleared through the vet clinic. If the new owner is an Italian National, you must bring a MFR signed by your 1st Shirt into the clinic that includes the local national’s name, phone number and physical address.

120 Days

Plan My Move

Plan My Move

Plan My Move is mandatory for all First Term Airmen and accessions.  Members must attend NLT 90 days prior to departure, however, we recommend you attend as soon as possible.  This briefing is highly informative and will help guide you through the remainder of your out-processing.

Call 632-5407 to sign up. See https://installations.militaryonesource.mil/ for info on your next base and to contact your sponsor.

Attendance at this briefing will also satisfy your VOP Federal Voting Assistance Program Requirements.

90 Days

Equipment | Dental | Passport | Vehicle Shipping


Call the Dental Clinic at 632-5060 to check if you have any appointment needs 60-90 days from your projected final out date.


If you are an equipment custodian, you do not want to be looking for missing equipment items as you get closer to your PCS date. Be sure you have your paperwork and inventory in order so this can be a smooth turn-over for your new Equipment custodian. If you are not an equipment custodian, you will be automatically signed off.

The following information needs to be emailed to 31LRS.eao@us.af.mil:

  • New appointment letter with primary/alternate.
  • New R14/R25 (inventoried/signed)
  • Training certs for new custodians

For questions, please call 632-8352


Do you or your dependents have an Official or No Fee Passport (not to be confused with your tourist passport)?  If so, you are required to e-mail the passport/visa office with the following information at 31fss.passports@us.af.mil

  • Copy of your PCS orders
  • List the expiration dates of OFFICIAL, burgundy color passport
  • List dependents and expiration dates of all NO FEE passports
Vehicle Shipping

This is not an individual checklist item, but is very important if you are planning on shipping your vehicle to your next destination.  It is highly encouraged to get this process started 2-3 months out from your PCS date.

Please call Pass and Registration at 632-4858, option 8, to hear the requirements for shipping your vehicle.

All vehicles MUST be deregistered 72 Hours BEFORE your final out appointment.

60 Days

Personal Property | Housing | Facility Manager

Personal Property

Once you have orders, initiate your Personal Property Movement: Log in or register to customer DPS user and begin creating your next move at https://dps.move.mil/cust/standard/user

Check out tutorials on https://my.move.mil/

If you need assistance please email: 31lrs.lgrd.personalproperty@us.af.mil or call 632-1709 to obtain the AVB PPTY Shipping Request.


Refer to the "HOW TO CLEAR ECONOMY HOUSING BROCHURE" received during the Plan My Move Briefing.  Also available at the Housing Office.

Send the termination notice letter (available at the housing office) to the landlord at least 30-40 days prior to termination, registered via the Italian post.  Must provide signed and dated landlord release letter to obtain clearance.

This would also be a good time to book your nights with lodging, as space is limited.

Facility Manager

If you are assigned as an Aviano Facility Manager, you need to send an updated appointment letter to 31CES.CEOEP@us.af.mil to be removed from the FM listing and be cleared for out-processing.

45 Days


USAFE IT Asset User

If you are an Information Technology Equipment Custodian (ITEC), please use the SharePoint page at https://usaf.dps.mil/sites/Aviano/31MSG/CS/SCO/SCOS/ITAM/SitePages/Home.aspx or call 632-8038 to begin your out-processing.  

All Primary ITECS must begin their out-processing NLT 45 days prior to departure.

If you are not on the ITEC account, please email 31cs.scos-adpe@us.af.mil or call 632-8038 to be signed off.


Q-coded airmen must complete a Family Needs Assessment with the local EFMP Family Support (FS) Coordinator.

Contact the Military and Family Readiness Center EFMP-FS Coordinator at
31FSS.Aviano.EFMP-FS@us.af.mil to make an appointment to complete a Needs Assessment and Services Plan NLT 30 days prior to PCS.  

Item should be completed after the member has completed the Family Member Travel Screening with EFMP Medical, which can be initiated through MyVector.  The system will automatically send you a link on your MyVector dashboard for your Travel Screening Questionnaire (TSQ) when you are within 8 months of your RNLTD.

**Non Q-coded SM's with dependents: Please send a screenshot of your approved travel screening questionnaire to 31FSS.Aviano.EFMP-FS@us.af.mil once it has been completed with EFMP-Medical.**

**Single Service members: Please email EFMP-FS
using the above contact info and indicate you do not have any dependents and you will be signed off**


Unfortunately, you don’t get to keep your appliances you received from the Furnishings Management Section (FMS) when you PCS.

Contact FMS at 632-2272 at least 30 days prior to departure to set up appointment(s) for delivery and/or pick-up of temporary furniture and appliances.

If you have any questions, send an email to 31ces.ceihf.avianofurnishings@us.af.mil

30 Days

Finance | Base Library | Customer Service Clearance | Education Records | Federal Voting Assistance Program | IPE | Mental Health | Flight Medicine | Non-Pet Owners/Previous Pet Owners |Removal From Meal Card | SIPR

Federal Voting Assistance Program

You may satisfy this requirement by reviewing the Military Voter and UOCAVA tutorials at www.FVAP.gov. Once you have completed a website review, email the following statement to vote.aviano@us.af.mil: *I have received and reviewed the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) tutorial. Please clear this item from my vMPF out-processing checklist.*

Attendance at Plan My Move will also satisfy this out-processing requirement.

Customer Service Clearance

Please email Customer Service at 31LRS.ONESTOP@us.af.mil to close or turn-over your Bench-stock Account. Block IIA Certificate of Training and Appointment Letter are required prior to Bench-stock turnover.

If you are an E-SS user/customer, call customer service once you no longer require access. All others will be signed off automatically once LRS verifies you have no pending 31 LRS Supply Actions.


Time to turn in all of your IPE. You can turn them in during customer service hours on Mon-Wed & Fri: 0800-1500/ Thur:1100-1500, Bldg 933 (remove ALL tape from gear/wash JLIST Top/Bottom)

**IPE will provide member with a memorandum to take to Final-Out Appointment**

Mental Health

Members who have NOT received Mental Health services will be automatically cleared.

Call DSN: 632-5321 to have all MH/FAP/ADAPT history reviewed for case closure and transfer of documentation.

Education Records

The Education Center will evaluate your records for missing grades, TA reimbursement, etc., 60 days prior to your departure date.  Please take the appropriate corrective actions, if staff indicates required actions.

Your AFVEC record will be locked with a PCS Counseling Requirement once your assignment is in MilPDS.  This PCS Counseling needs to be completed at your next Education Center.

Please call 632-5330 if you have questions/concerns.

Non-Pet Owners/Previous Pet Owners

Non-Pet Owners and Previous Pet-Owners - please contact the Vet Clinic at 632-8485 to be outprocessed.

Previous Pet Owners may be required to provide documentation for death or loss of pet or transfer of ownership. If you are transferring your pet to another
person, you must come into the Vet Clinic with the new owner. The new owner must also register the pet with the clinic before you can be cleared through the vet clinic. If the new owner is an Italian National, you must bring a MFR signed by your 1st shirt into the clinic that includes the local national’s name, phone number and physical address.

Removal From Meal Card

If you have been on meal card at anytime while stationed at Aviano, please contact your CSS to have an AF 220 completed. Once completed, please email breanna.oakes@us.af.mil the completed form and inform her you are needing to be checked off on the out processing list.

E-4 and below who have never been on meal card since stationed on Aviano, please call x8948 to be checked off.

E-5 and above/officers will be automatically cleared & do not need to call.

Flight Medicine

E-mail usaf.aviano.31-mdg.mbx.amds-flight-medicine-medical-standards@health.mil UNENCRYPTED w/in 30 days of departure date.

E-mail MUST include your assignment RIP (please remove all PII to include SSN) and Final-Out date..

Log into MYIMR and ensure your IMR is GREEN for at least 60-days past your RNLTD.


Having your finances in order is extremely important prior to PCSing. To out-process Finance, submit your departure date and orders via (CSP) Comptroller Services Portal at usaf.dps.mil/teams/saffmCSP/portal/.

For questions/concerns, Finance has walk-in hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 0900-1300.

Base Library

You can contact the Library at 632-5382 to be out-processed within 30 days of your departure. Please make sure you have returned all items.

Note: You will not be able to checkout anything once you have out-processed.


SIPR Token Holder -- Please bring your SIPR Token to Bldg 1442, Room 115, M-TH from 0800-1600. If you do not have a SIPR Token/Account, please send an email with your full SSAN to 31cs.lra@us.af.mil.

20 Days



You will receive an AF 2296 via the GOV Licensing Office to bring to your next base if you have a GMV/GOV license.

If you don't have a GMV/GOV license, then you will not receive an AF 2296.

If you are 15-20 days from your final out date and haven't been signed off, please e-mail 31lrs.lgrddoorl@us.af.mil or call 632-4447.


All members require a face-to-face official benefits briefing with a TRICARE Beneficiary Service Representative. Briefings occur on a walk-in basis M-F 0800-1600: Sign in at the TRICARE Kiosk.  

Please be sure to bring 1 copy of your orders to your briefing.

**You must have a fly out date prior to out-processing**

15 Days

IACS Deregistration/RAB Turn-in | Post Office | SDAP

IACS Deregistration/RAB Turn-in

This will take care of 3 checklist items on your VoP checklist.

Hand-carry a copy of your orders to Reports and Analysis (MPF - Bldg 1403) to be signed off on your Installation Access Control System (IACS) checklist item and Reports and Analysis checklist item.  

If you have a restricted Area Badge (RAB), bring that along with an AF Form 2586 (you can get this from your Unit Security Manager) to the Reports and Analysis Office.  If you do not have a RAB, you will be signed off while de-registering from IACS

Walk-in hours are Mon-Fri from 0730-1630.

Post Office

You want to make sure you continue getting mail during your PCS.  You will need to drop off a copy of your PCS orders to the Customer Service Window at the Post Office 15 days prior to your departure.

You MUST provide a forwarding address to the Post Office (ex: family member, gaining base, friend). Failure to do so may result in your mail being returned to the sender.

Customer Service Window hours are Mon-Fri from 1000-1600.


If you are receiving Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP), you MUST complete an AF Form 2096. SDAP will stop on the day you depart Aviano AB.

14 Days

Home Fuels | Passenger Travel | Debrief SSO/SSR

Home Fuels

Don't forget to get your utilities turned off!

Home Fuels customers MUST submit an Out-Processing Service Request online at https://avianohomefuels.com two weeks prior to clearing their home with their landlord.

 **Dorm Residents may submit a request via the same website, just note that you are a dorm resident**

Passenger Travel

Please email PortCall request and orders/amendments to 31LRS.TRAVEL@US.AF.MIL. Please email an updated SURF if you've had a DEROS change.

You can obtain a PortCall Request at our SharePoint:

Your airline reservation will be made when you complete the PortCall worksheet via email. You must verify or change your reservation by phone/email. Airline tickets will be purchased 7 duty days prior to departure date. Changes to the reservation need to be made no later than 7 duty days prior to departure dates. Please visit our SharePoint for any additional information or to obtain travel documents

Hours of operation: Monday- Friday 0900-1500, Closed 3rd Thursday of the month

Contact Information: 632-1514 Opt. 4 or 31LRS.TRAVEL@US.AF.MIL

Debrief SSO/SSR

Members with SECRET or below security clearances: NO ACTION is required. INA will automatically out-process you after your security status is determined to fit this criteria.  Members with TOP SECRET/SCI: if read-in to SCI while at Aviano AB, you are required to be debriefed within 30 days from your vMPF final out date.

Walk-ins accepted on Wednesdays from 1400-1500. Outside of walk-in time, please call 632-4460 to set up an appointment.

10 Days

Flight/Jump Record | Medical Records | Schedule Dorm Out

Flight/Jump Record

All non-aircrew will be cleared automatically.

All aircrew and parachutists, email Aviano.HARM@us.af.mil a copy of your orders and the date you anticipate you will be done flying/jumping. If you are aircrew, no need to stop by. Jumpers still need to come to HARM office to collect JRF.

Medical Records

NON PRP/FLYERS: Drop off ONE copy of orders to 31 MDG Medical Records (Main Clinic Bldg 121 Rm GD34) NLT 5 days prior to departure.  All medical records (AD member and any dependents) will be mailed to next location.

PRP/FLYERS: Report to the PRP/Flight Medicine and Dental Clinic NLT 3 days prior to your final out to drop off TWO copies of orders. (Note: Your PCS orders will determine whether or not you hand carry your medical records).

Schedule Dorm Out

E1-E4 who live in the dorms are required to either call Dorm Management at DSN: 632- 3676 / COMM: 043430-3676, or come to the Dorm Management office in building 1428 to set up your dorm out-processing appointment as soon as you know your base final-out date or your fly-out date.

Dorm residents are not authorized to stay in TLA until they have successfully passed their room inspection. You will NOT be cleared in vMPF until you have successfully passed your room inspection.

All E5 and above are cleared from the list weekly as your name appears in the system (generally 2 months ahead). Any questions, call Dorm Management at DSN: 632-3676 / COMM: 043430-3676.

7 Days

Permisso Di Soggiorno Turn-in | Vehicles/Motorcycle/Gas Card/Orders/Road Tax | Schedule Final Out

Permisso Di Soggiorno Turn-in

To out-process, individuals must come by the Soggiorno Office Bldg 1413, 1st Floor Rm 142, 7 DAYS prior to their final out. Bring a set of orders and Soggiornos only if your dependents have them.

If you do not have dependents or they didn't require a Soggiorno, you will still need to come to our office to get cleared out.

Members will be provided the clearance memorandum to take to Pass and Reg for out-processing.

If your dependent’s Soggiorno has been lost, report immediately to the Carabinieri station in Area F to file a lost report. The original report will be required to out-process.

Office Hours: 0730-1600 - Mon, Tue, Wed, and Friday's. NO WALK-INS ON THURSDAYS!

For any other questions, please call DSN: 632-4806/4802 or email at 31SFS.S5PR.Soggiorno@us.af.mil

Vehicles/Motorcycle/Gas Card/Orders/Road Tax

Vehicles/Motorcycles MUST be shipped, sold, salvaged, or driven/exported.

All vehicles MUST be de-registered 72 Hours BEFORE your final out appointment through the MPS Pass and Registration section. ***Please bring Soggiorno's red stamp letter prior to final vehicle de-registration (ONLY APPLICABLE to members with dependents).

If you have any further questions, please call Pass and
Registration at 632-4858.

Schedule Final Out


To schedule a final-out, please mail the following items to 31fss.assignments@us.af.mil:

The below list is not all-inclusive. Use the listing provided on final-out appointment.

  • Flight itinerary
  • vOP Checklist (All task completed prior to appointment)
  • Medical/Dental Records (For PRP (Dental records only), Flight Status mbrs)
  • Dependents Passports/Visa (If applicable and Overseas only)
  • SGLI (copy)
  • Current Fitness Report
  • Soggiorno Memorandum (Red Stamp)
  • Pass and Registration Memorandum (Red Stamp)
  • Flight Itinerary
  • Individual Protective Equipment Memorandum (LRS/IPE)

Please make copies of these items for yourself PRIOR to your appointment.

5 Days



All members must bring in a copy of their orders NO EARLIER than 5 duty days prior to your MPF Final Out Appointment.

All PRP members must hand carry their records to their gaining base.  Stop by the clinic NO MORE than 3 days prior to your Final Out Appointment.

Please call the Dental Clinic at 632-5060 for any questions.

1 Day

Final Out

Final Out


Triple check that you have all necessary documents to bring to your final out. The list will have been provided when you scheduled your final out appointment. Good luck on your future endeavors!