Check Italian train schedules and prices at:

  • Buy your ticket at the counter, kiosk, online, or with ITT
  • Validate your ticket before boarding
  • The ticket expires 4 hours after validating
  • Be sure to board the correct train and class of car
  • Tickets are $3-5 cheaper each online

Note: Boarded the wrong train? Notify the conductor ASAP and pay the ticket difference. It’s cheaper than a fine!


Flying throughout Europe is incredibly cheap! There are a variety available. Here are a few:


  • The main airport in Venice is Marco Polo Airport (VCE) Members also use Venice Treviso (TSF) and Trieste (TRS) airports for travel
  • Pay with a debit card to avoid credit card fees (2%)
  • Pay for luggage & check-in online to reduce fees
  • Read baggage policies - budget airlines are strict!

Local Buses

  • Buy your tickets at “tabaccheria” stores or on a bus
  • Validate your ticket on the bus each time you board
  • Use Google Maps for public bus routes/schedules
  • Buses are not always on time, patience is recommended