What is the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Screening?

The objective of Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is to assess, document and code the special education and medical needs of family members. Some bases may refer to this process as medical and educational screening.

Why do I need an EFMP Screening?

DoD members requesting accompanied overseas tours, extensions of more than 6 months of an overseas accompanied tour or consecutive overseas assignments, must have all family members screened for any special medical or educational needs. This is to ensure DoD members are assigned to locations where dependents with specific needs can receive necessary care.When reviewing a family member’s needs, the Air Force often considers the availability of services from the host nation as well as those provided by the Air Force.

Need help navigating the process?

Contact your local military health clinic’s EFMP-Medical office to help you with enrollment, disenrollment, updates and overseas EFMP screenings. Your local EFMP-Medical office is the POC for all of your EFMP out-processing needs. The DoD member will not need to contact the gaining EFMP-Medical office as all communications with the gaining office will be handled by the local EFMP-Medical office, not the DoD member.

Also stay in touch with your local and gaining EFMP-Family Support Coordinator in Military & Family Readiness. They can provide non-clinical case management and support throughout your PCS process. EFMP-Family Support regularly organizes events, trips, and educational opportunities open to EFMP families. Contact your local MFRC to speak with the EFMP-Family Support Coordinator DSN 632-5407 or commercial at +39 043 430 5407.

EFMP Screening Process

Why do I need an EFMP Screening?

At your EFMP-Medical screening appointment, the Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator (FMRCC) or Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) will review your screening questionnaire, outpatient medical records and any supporting documentation, to determine if any family member meets the criteria for enrollment into EFMP. Please arrive at your local EFMP office with the following:

DD2792: One for each family member(s) identified with a special medical need
DD2792-1: All dependent(s) from birth to high school
IEP: Most current (if applicable)
Q-Code letter: Most current
AF2523: If newly coded or missing, one per family
DD2005: If newly coded or missing, one per adult

What happens after the screening?

Once a Facility Determination Inquiry (FDI) is submitted, the gaining base has 14 days to review.

Need help navigating the process?

If your family is approved to accompany the active duty member, each dependent will be listed on the PCS orders. Each dependent must then apply for a No-Fee Passport and Visa

Authorization for Command Sponsorship

MyVector Travel Screening Questionnaire is the primary method of PCS applications