Welcome and congratulations on your assignment to the #1 Fighter Wing in the Air Force! Here at Aviano Air Base, Italy, you’ll have the opportunity to see all that Northern Italy has in store for you.

Tee off at the beautifully landscaped Alpine Golf Course on base with a 7,000-foot-tall mountain in front of you. In the winter time, ski and snowboard at Piancavallo just a 30 minute drive up the windy mountain road.

In the local areas, you can enjoy the many wineries, open-air markets and events that happen year-round.

An hour drive or train ride will land you in the heart of Venice, where you can sip Prosecco, eat pizza and watch gondolas row down ancient canals. January and February is Carnival of Venice season, so be ready to purchase your outfits and mask when you get here. Four hours from base lies the beautiful city of Florence, the epicenter of the Italian Renaissance. Walk through the bustling streets as you visit several art and history museums or shop at famous fashion boutique stores.

At first it may feel overwhelming, however soon you will be settled in and learn all the ins-and-outs of living in Europe and how to experience the Italian culture. Your sponsor will help you settle in and you’ll be part of Team Aviano’s family.

Getting Started

5 Things to Get Started Right Away & Keep in Mind

  1. Passports & Visas: Dependents must obtain an official passport prior to arrival. All Dependents must obtain a Visa prior to arriving at Aviano AB.
  2. Hotel Reservations: On-base lodging is in short supply. Reservations can be made in advance and your sponsor can assist to securing lodging.
  3. Shipping Household Goods (HHG): Learn to split your household goods (HHG) into various shipments to get settled sooner.
  4. Cell Phones & Staying in Touch: Learn about cell phones & staying in touch while overseas.
  5. How to Videos: Your Aviano Public Affairs team has put together a series of “How to” videos to assist with your PCS.

Key Spouse Program - Spouse Connecting Spouses

Key Spouses are a vital link between unit leadership and families. They help your family prepare for separations due to deployments and long-term TDYs and can direct your family to resources on base.

Key Spouses also help you connect to your unit and the Aviano community as well as provide information regarding overseas PCS, the base and surrounding area, squadron Facebook page, etc. to give inbound spouse resources for a smooth transition and easier integration into spouse programs upon arrival in order to improve unit morale. Contact the M&FRC at 011-39-0434-30-5407 or DSN 632-5407!

Key Spouses follow Privacy Act, confidentiality, and appropriate reporting guidelines.

PCS & Installation Key Info

  1. Plan My Move: Creates a custom checklist for your move.
  2. Military Installations: Look up installation information about Aviano, including command phone numbers, key programs and services, and customizable installation booklets.