Base Information

You are now settling into your home and living amongst the Italians. If you have probably already noticed there are different areas of the base. The following can be used as a reference for what resources are available on base. Click here for Base Map.

Areas of the Base

The base has several distinct areas that are spread out. They are lettered in order by geographic area between Area 1 in Aviano to Area F just outside Aviano. You will typically only go to Area F and Area 1.

Area 1 (Community Center/Medical Center/School)
Includes the DoD school, Community Center, Teen Center, Child Development Center, small Exchange, Library, Education Center, Chapel, Base Pool, and Bowling Center

Area C (Civil Engineering Squadron)
Area C is where the Civil Engineer Squadron is located

Area D (Activities Area)
Area D has sports fields and meeting space to host events. This area is available to rent through Outdoor Recreation

Area E (Contracting Squadron)
Area E is where the Contracting Squadron is located

Area F (Flightline)
Area F is where the flightline is located and where most of the base functions are located

Services on Base