DoDEA Education


Sure Start, PSCD Program, Grades K- 5
Phone: +39 0444-71-6677
DSN: 646-6677


Grades 6-12
Phone: +39 0444-71-6790
DSN: 646-6790

Registration Material

Enrollment Packet

Inbound DoD members must visit the Registrar’s Office to complete the school registration process. Before you go, print and complete the registration forms for the DoDEA High School, the Middle School, and/or the Elementary School.

Other Required Documents

  • ID
  • PCS Orders with family members names listed
  • Children’s birth certificates [kindergarten & 1st grade only]
  • Children’s passports [high school students only]
  • Immunization records [Current flu shot]
  • Copy of previous school records
  • Copy of standardized test scores
  • DoDEA-620 Student Registration Form
  • F4 ESL Forms
  • DoDEA-700 & 700A Consent Form
  • DoDEA Form 1002 Request for Student School Records
  • DoDEA 2942.0-M-F1 Student Health Form
  • School Transportation Form

If applicable:

  • Copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP) & 504 Plan
  • Sports physical for athletic activities (6th-12th only)

Want to submit forms early?

Your Aviano DoDEA school will accept registration packet(s) prior to arriving to Italy via email. DO NOT send passport/birth certificates over email. Parents must hand carry orders, birth certificates, and other applicable documents into school registrar office. More information:

Obtain copies of immunization records from outbound base or at the KIOSK in the 31 MDG immunization clinic.

Sure Start

Sure Start is a full day preschool program that serves military children and families living overseas. More information: Aviano DoDEA Sure Start

School Liaison Program

School Liaison Program Manager
Phone: 011+39-0434-30-6084
DSN: 314-632-6084

School Liaisons can help with:

  • School Enrollment Assistance: Connect with your School Liaison before and after you move.
  • Link between Schools, Families, & Command: School Liaisons are subject matter resource experts for grades K-12 and can help address educational issues and needs.
  • Homeschool Support: School Liaisons provide homeschooled families with information regarding federal and local policies along with educational opportunities.
  • Italian School Support: School Liaisons help families navigate the Italian school system.

School Liaisons can also provide families with educational resources such as:

  • EFMP and developmental intervention resources
  • Child & Youth Behavioral Program led by MFLCs
  • Elementary and Adolescent Support Counselors

Italian School

A list of local Italian Schools can be found here: Italian Local Schools

Registering in Italian Schools

  • You are highly encouraged to contact the Aviano School Liaison for assistance in enrolling your child into Italian School
  • Italian public school requires registration at the district office
  • Italian private school registration is completed at the school

Types of Italian Schools 

  • Nido (Infants & Toddlers)
  • Scuola/Asilo Materna (Preschool & Kindergarten)
  • Scuola Elementare (Elementary)
  • Scuola Media (Middle school)
  • Scuola Superiore (High school)

Italian Preschool (Asilo)

  • Many parents send their 3 to 5 year olds to off-installation preschools called Asilos.
  • Asilos are low cost and your little one will pick up Italian quickly.
  • Asilos are residency based. Once you secure a home, you may enroll.
  • Please contact the Aviano SL to get a list of Asilos available in your area.

Italian Public + Private Care and Education Guide

Looking to enroll your kiddo in the local Italian schools? Check out this guide!


There is an Aviano homeschooling group led by military spouses. This group offers local resources, support, meet ups, and more. Contact the School Liaison for more information.

Please be sure that your child has a codice fiscale before registering for Italian schools.