AFI Driver’s License

AFI stands for “Allied Forces in Italy” that lets military and local police agencies know that you are authorized to operate vehicles registered in the AFI system. Airmen and dependents must have an AFI license to register & drive an AFI registered vehicle in Italy (military member must complete the AFI license process before dependents can be issued). An AFI license is not valid without a valid driver’s license so you must carry both with you at all times and only AFI license holders are authorized to drive an AFI registered vehicle.

Driving a Motorcycle

To drive a motorcycle overseas, Airmen need a Motorcycle Safety Course Certificate and U.S. driver’s license motorcycle endorsement while dependents only need the U.S. driver’s license motorcycle endorsement. Individuals ages 18 to 24 can only operate Motorcycles up to 35 kilowatt output (approx. 46.6 horsepower) unless member can show proof they have possessed a motorcycle endorsement for over two or more years prior to registration.

Driving Outside of Host Nation

AFI driver’s licenses are only valid in Italy. So if you plan to travel outside of Italy, you’ll need an International Driving Permit and the U.S. Department of State authorizes only two agencies to issue them:

AAA or American Automobile Touring Alliance AATA

AFI License: Application Process / Requirements

Must be 18 years of age or older
Must have valid driver's license from the United States or other Country
Must be affiliated with Aviano Air Base or supported geographically separated units

Step 1: Fill out application and take test using this link or the QR Code. (Click Here For Study Guide)

First Time Applicants/License Reinstatement/TDY Licenses Over 60 days
Test contains 100 questions
Must score 90% or more to pass

USAREUR License Holders
Test contains 50 questions
Must score 90% or more to pass

Test Failures
1st Failure – Can retest after 24 hours
2nd Failure – Can retest after 14 days
3rd Failure – Can retest after 60 days

Step 2: Email supporting documents to

All Applicants
- Valid Driver's License (Front/Back)
- CAC or ID (Front/Back)
- Orders to Aviano
Military/Dependents: PCS or TDY orders
Civilian/Contractor: DOCPERS/Individual Logistical Support Letter (copy with green stamp in top right corner)

These special circumstances will also need the following documentation (if applicable)

Motorcycle Rider Applicants
- Motorcycle Riders Foundation Card (Must be valid within 5 years)
- Motorcycle Endorsement Letter (Base Safety Office) Military Only
- Motorcycle Endorsement on State/Country Driver's License

Renewal Applicants
- Current copy of your SURF or Career Data Brief showing new Deros

USAREUR Applicants
- Copy of your USAREUR driver's license

- Copy of Reinstatement MFR from 31 SFS Reports and Analysis

-On base Carbineri Report

TDY Members
- Orders must specify Aviano as final TDY destination to be eligible

Step 3: Wait for email instructions to pick up your license

Note: Current turnaround time for AFI Licenses is 3-5 days after application, test, and documentation have been received.


Toll Payment Methods

  1. Cash
    • Enter Autostrada [Highway]: Push red button. Take ticket.
    • Exit Autostrada: Insert ticket. Place required change in bucket or insert bills [Euros only]. The gate will lift.
  2. Card: Debit, Credit, or Via Card [Pre-paid toll card]
    • Same process as above, but with card.
    • Buy Via Cards at Punto Blu points, tobacco shops, toll booth operators, Autogrills, or highway gas stations.
      NOTE: Chip cards present the fewest issues at booths.
  3. Telepass: Device attaches to window and debits your account when you drive through a Telepass lane.
    • Enter Autostrada: Camera scans window device.
    • Exit Autostrada: Camera scans window device. When the camera validates device and the light is green, you can go.

Calculate Italian Autostrada Fees

Visit the Autostrada website to estimate tolls. In far left column, input your departure and arrival city and submit.

Toll Payment Methods

Go to to create an account. Toll fees are automatically debited from your account. Fees may apply.

NOTE: Tolls are commonly used here in Italy on the Autostrada. It is recommended you always carry euro as payment. Sometimes the card readers don’t work in the machines. There is an option on the machine to change the language as well.