Mental Health

The Mental Health Clinic provides psychological care, education, outreach, and prevention services for active duty members. Dependents and anyone qualified for care at the 31st Medical Group is eligible for crisis services and will be seen on a case by case basis. Therapeutic services include individual and group therapy as well as psychological testing, No referral is needed and walk-ins are welcome. Individuals may schedule appointments over the phone or by walking-in

Contact Information:
DSN: 632-5321
Commercial: 0434-30-5321
After Hours: 0434-30-3100 *Command Post for emergency situations*

Location: Area 1, Bldg 108

Mental Health

Emergency mental health evaluations are available to all walk-in patients during normal duty hours. After hours, emergency mental health services are available at the local hospital (Pordenone [Ospedale] Emergency Room).

Behavioral Health Optimization Program

The Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) offers solution-focused assistance for a wide variety of problems with a behavioral, emotional or psychological component. The BHOP provider works hand-in-hand with primary care managers to optimize behavioral health care in the Primary Care Clinics. Individuals may call the appointment line directly (ask for BHOP) or get a referral from their primary care manager.
Location: Family Medicine Clinic, Area 1

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT)

Population served: All beneficiaries. Dependents and anyone qualified for care at the 31st Medical Group is eligible for crisis services and will be seen on a case by case basis.

Purpose: ADAPT provides assessment, education, and treatment for alcohol and substance use. ADAPT’s purpose is to assist our patients in moving toward their values. Part of that process is assisting patients in understanding how current alcohol and drug use negatively impact their lives and how to change these behaviors and the factors that contribute to them. Patients can self-refer, be referred by a medical provider, or be referred by their command. The ADAPT team is also available to conduct alcohol education classes at unit events as requested.

Contact Information:
DSN: 632-6247
Commercial: 0434-30-6247
After Hours: 0434-30-3100 *Command Post for emergency situations*

Location: Area 1, Bldg 108

Family Advocacy

The Aviano Family Advocacy Program’s (FAP) purpose is to prevent and treat family violence with the goal of providing services and programs which support mission readiness. A variety of classes, mediation, and one-on-one services are available to all active duty members and their beneficiaries.

Contact Information:
DSN: 632-6215
Commercial: 0434-30-6215
After Hours: 0434-30-3100 *Command Post for emergency situations*

Location: Area 1, Bldg 108

Family Advocacy Strength-Based TherapyCouples therapy is available on a voluntary basis. Strength-Based Therapy focuses on communication, problem solving, co-parenting, and active listening. Couples meet with a licensed clinical social worker to address marital or parenting problems. Strength-Based Therapy focuses on the strengths that each individual brings to the relationship to enhance the strength of the couple as a whole.

Parenting with Love and LogicClasses for parents of school age children (5-9) Parents will learn to establish healthy control, without resorting to power struggles and anger, and guide children through problem solving and the resulting positive or negative consequences. Class is offered quarterly: one session per week for 3 weeks. Please call the Family Advocacy Program for specific dates and times.

PREPThe Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) workshop is offered to help couples communicate more effectively, recognize and accept personality differences, and use those differences to problem solve creatively. Class is offered quarterly; one session per week for 4 weeks. Please call the Family Advocacy Program for specific dates and times.

Stress and Anger ManagementParticipants will learn to: recognize and cope with anger, frustration, and stress; understand the emotional and physical components; and how to positively direct the resulting energy (adrenaline). Participants will experience an improved sense of well-being and self-control at home and in the workplace. Class is offered multiple times per year and as needed on a one-on-one basis. Please call the Family Advocacy Program for specific dates and times.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)The New Parent Support Program offers in-home or office visits to families expecting a child by birth or adoption, up to three years of age. NPSP can assist you in addressing many family-related topics to include pregnancy health, prenatal education, breastfeeding support (limited), father’s role, car seat selection, normal child development, infant feeding, infant communication, infant massage, child discipline, sibling rivalry, potty training, single parenting, stress management, relationship enhancement, military lifestyle stressors, and more. NPSP also offers classes and activities geared towards expectant parents and parents of young children.

Wee Ones PlaygroupThis playgroup is for children ages 0-18 months and their parents. Observe, play, and interact with other parents and children in a baby-friendly, safe environment with developmentally appropriate toys and equipment. The Wee Ones Playgroup meets on Mondays from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Dad's Boot CampNew or expectant fathers will learn a curriculum of infant care, calming and soothing the infant, and how to respond to concerns and possible changes in the baby's mother. Class is facilitated by experienced fathers, and held once a quarter. Please call FAP for dates and times of class and to sign-up.

Baby BasicsIn a group setting, expectant couples will enjoy learning the basics of infant care: changing diapers, bathing, soothing, swaddling, and ways to cope with irregular sleep patterns. Parents will learn the devastating effects of 'Shaken Baby Syndrome', and how to prevent loss of control when frustration escalates. The class is held quarterly from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Health Promotions

The Aviano Health Promotion Flight offers programs that help individuals and squadrons better understand lifestyle decisions which can lead to healthier lifestyles. Individuals can self-refer or be referred by a provider.
Tobacco Cessation ClassClasses are available at Health Promotion. Also, per AFI, members are not required to attend a tobacco cessation class as a precondition for receiving tobacco cessation medications. Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) beneficiaries can contact the PharmD's at 632-5214 for access to medication and counseling.

Running ClinicOur running clinic is open to all individuals. This class is designed to assist attendees with: personalized running program, injury prevention techniques, video analysis of running form and running shoe types.

Dietary Approaches for High Blood PressureThe program can assist in designing an eating & exercise program for those with high blood pressure hypertension.

Healthy Eating/Nutrition 101This course will discuss healthy eating behaviors, common dietary myths and misconceptions about weight loss/management, and offer guidelines on how to properly balance your dietary intake levels.

Be Well NutritionThe Be Well Nutrition class focuses on helping members who failed the Abdominal Circumference (AC) portion of the AF Fitness Test. The class will discuss healthy eating behaviors, common dietary myths about weight loss, and how to balance your dietary intake.

Dietary Approaches for Cholesterol ReductionThis course is designed to help better understand dietary approaches to reducing cholesterol levels. Exercise recommendations for attendees will also be outlined.

Dietary Approaches for DiabetesThis course is designed to help participants understand how to effectively modify their diets to optimally control blood sugar levels through the incorporation of evidence-based dietary programs. Exercise recommendations for attendees will also be outlined during this class.