NATO Forces Fuel Card

There are no gas stations on military installations in Italy. Fuel/oil purchased with the NATO Forces Fuel Card exclude Italian taxes. NATO Forces Fuel Card is authorized for only one primary registered vehicle. The number of liters you are able to purchase each month depends on your vehicle’s engine size. It is recommended register your vehicle with largest engine as your primary.

Where to Use Fuel Card

NATO Forces Fuel Cards are accepted at only two Italian gas chains, AGIP and ENI. Cards are not valid outside of Italy.

Download the ENI App Here

Gas Station Hours

Mon-Sat: Closed Noon – 2:30 p.m.
Sunday and Holidays: Autostrada gas stations are 24/7
Attendants are on duty every day during business hours.

Fuel When You Arrive

Don’t buy fuel on the economy when you first get here! If you are TDY with the primary duty location being Aviano and authorized per TDY order to drive a rental vehicle or if you have a rental while waiting for your vehicle to complete the registration process, you can recieve temporary ration letter. Take the letter to the BX customer service to receive a fuel card. Once your primary vehicle is registered you will be issued a permanent fuel card.

Sign up for your NATO Forces Fuel Card at the BX

  1. Fuel Card: A fuel card authorizes you to buy a certain number of tax-free liters of fuel each month based on your primary vehicle’s engine size. After completing vehicle registration, you’ll receive a green gas card from Pass and Registration. Take your gas card to Customer Service at the BX to sign up for the NATO Forces Fuel Card. They will have you fill out an application on site.
  2. AGIP/ENI Gas Stations: NATO Forces Fuel Cards only accepted at AGIP and ENI stations.
  3. Click NATO Forces Fuel Card to learn more about the program.
  4. Download and Print the Glove Box Companion with Italian and English fueling translations.

Pump Fuel

Benzina Unleaded Gas
Gasolio Diesel
Fai da Te Self Service
Servito Full Service
Blue Pump Diesel+
Green Pump Super Unleaded Gasoline (95 Octane)
Yellow Pump Super-S (98), or Super+ (100)

There are full service attendants at most gas stations. Just tell them how many liters you want, hand them your Fuel Card, enter the PIN, and you’re done! You can always pump your own gas as well.

NOTE: Most gas stations close on Sunday and Italian holidays

Rations Card

Your squadron’s CSS will provide your ration card for liquor and tobacco. Once you get your card, you can purchase these items on-base at the BX Exchange. You can buy any of these items off-base without a ration card.