Get ready. Set. Go start your housing search… and be patient.

Living off-base in the Italian community has it rewards and challenges. There are several steps to complete the housing process to include finding a house, signing a lease agreement, receiving your household goods, and setting up utilities. Do not sign any agreement without the Housing Offices’ approval.

Local Economy Housing Only

Other than dormitories for first term Airmen, Aviano Air Base does not have government accompanied housing available on base. All of Aviano Air Base family housing needs are fulfilled by local communities, from living in the city to living in the country. To assist in locating a residence you will want to read our web-based housing brochure.

Official Private Rental via

Create an account and search daily for private rental listings extensively vetted and approved by Housing on

Housing Briefing at Wyvern Welcome

Housing Briefing covering Community Housing Rental Information, Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA), and Temporary Lodging Allowances (TLA) will be held every week at Wyvern Welcome.

Housing Step by Step Guide

The Housing Brochure is broken down into five distinct Packets and additional Sections. The brochure contains everything you need to know from the time you arrive to the time you depart Aviano. Download printable files here.

Packet 1 – Arriving to Aviano: consists of information that starts your transition to Aviano including a quick reference checklist for getting through the process.

Packet 2 – Searching for a Home: consists of information/steps for locating your leased unit including your temporary and permanent financial allowances. Search for homes here

Packet 3 – Found a Home: consists of information and steps for securing your leased unit including an explanation of the lease contract, setting up your utilities, and temporary/long-term furnishings/appliances

Packet 4 – Living in the Community: consists of information about living in your leased unit including helpful tips/tools for living on the Italian economy such as recycling requirements.

Packet 5 – Leaving Aviano: consists of information and steps for clearing your leased unit including the process for terminating your lease and your outbound allowances.

TransportationYour sponsor may be able to assist you in house-hunting. If they are not available there are local low-cost car rentals off-base. Housing counselors may be available with prior coordination.

Lodging While Searching for a HomeTLA is authorized for active duty personnel in 15 days increments, for more information contact TQSA for eligible civilian employee is authorized in 30 days increments, for more information contact

Renter’s InsuranceNeither the U.S. Air Force nor the government insures your unit, government property or your personal property. For more information refer to Arriving at Aviano Section in the brochure.

Living in the CommunityRefer to Living in the Community Section in the brochure for a wide range of information about living on the Italian economy. You can learn about: unique home systems; maintenance responsibilities; cable and internet; electrical systems to include transformers, outlets, and adapters; how to handle mold; and frequently asked questions from those that have come before you.

UtilitiesHome Fuels is the utilities (electricity and natural gas) tax-relief office for the base community. Water bills are usually sent to your landlord. Pay this bill through your bank or get a receipt from your landlord. Home Fuels clients save nearly 36% on natural gas and 13% on electricity. Customers can elect to utilize Home Fuels to manage their utility payments for $9/month per utility. The program is optional for military members, but mandatory for civilians. For more information refer to Packet 3 in the brochure or Visit the Home Fuels web page for more information.
Video: Using Home Fuels at Aviano

Recycling – Do Your Part

In Italy, recycling is required by law and noncompliance may result in fines. Additionally, bringing waste on base for disposal is against the law. Refer to Off Base Recycling or find out about your community trash and recycling rules here.

Video: Tips for Recycling in Italy

Waste Services App

  • Where to dispose of a material?
  • How to dispose a material?
  • How to contact a particular Office?
  • Community Waste Calenders

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